Truth of Heart

There is darkness hidden away in the purest of hearts. The point is not to pretend to be a benevolent soul but to admit to this darkness without being consumed by it.




Sometimes by wanting to rebel, you only end up hurting yourself. It’s almost like you can’t even get high enough to touch the higher up’s arses so you end up bottling and filled with frustration. When you hurt the company just to hurt someone else, I’m sure it speaks of a great resentment and though one tries to remain positive and upbeat, the ugliness of all humans has to come out at some point. 


Hyakumonogatari Kaidankai – A Gathering of 100 Weird Tales 

Hyakumonogatari Kaidankai also known as the gathering of 100 weird tales. It was a Japanese game played during the Edo period, late at night in which a group of people would gather to tell bizarre but often frightening tales. 100 candles were lit at the start of the game. When an individual was done narrating their kaidan or weird tale, they would reach over and extinguish one of the candles. Each time a tale was told, a candle would be put out until there was only 1 left. By the time only 1 candle remained, the room would be submerged in enough darkness to guarantee paranoia and tension. When the last candle was doused, something terrifying was supposed to happen or one of the guests was rumored to be revealed as a ghost or other supernatural entity
There is no known concrete reason for the existence of such a game but there are 2 underlying theories. 

#1: There are some that claim the origin is from a Buddhist ritual called 100 Buddhist Stories or Hyakuza Hodan. The ritual consisted in 100 Buddhist stories told over a period of 100 days and a miraculous thing was believed to happen afterwards. 

#2: The second theory of the game of the gathering of 100 weird tales was supposed to have originated as a form of courage test played amongst the samurai. Along the lines of ‘ the last man standing’ because when the last candle was extinguished, only a few would be brave enough to see what awaited in the dark. ( This version of the game can be encountered in Ogita Ansei‘s Kaidanshū Tonoigusa.

— Sourced from Yurei: The Japanese Ghost

Brilliant Star

When you start doing great, support will diminish and exagerated, negative feedback will follow. That’s your cue to know you are on the right path. A brilliant idea shines so bright it makes others upset, angry, and envious and rarely do others mean to ‘genuinely’ advise you. 


Shades of Colors

Your days are only as beautiful as you make them. If you want to be gray, you’ll only see hues of gray. If you want to be a dull green, you will become a dull green and be perceived in return as such. The day is as good as you make it, and bad things can certainly happen as it is the way of life, but by focusing only on shades of gray and black, you fail to see the VIBRANT  colors surrounding you.


Chapter X- 1114071717

…She is being haunted by old memories she has no recollection of. An old, intimate friend, someone she hasn’t seen or met but is well acquainted with in the dream world — and a young fiancée who is both persistent and intimidating and she wants nothing to do with. 

… —Excerpt from: A Truth of Horrors


The Beauty of the World

To see the beauty in yourself, you must understand the beauty of the world. A beauty that is hidden within layers of dirt and destruction, underneath all the weird and unique things that make others look down on you. True beauty is not beautiful at all for the shine can only be perceived by those that can see the ugliness of the world and still find it beautiful.

— ©catloverr