Brilliant Star

When you start doing great, support will diminish and exagerated, negative feedback will follow. That’s your cue to know you are on the right path. A brilliant idea shines so bright it makes others upset, angry, and envious and rarely do others mean to ‘genuinely’ advise you. 


Shades of Colors

Your days are only as beautiful as you make them. If you want to be gray, you’ll only see hues of gray. If you want to be a dull green, you will become a dull green and be perceived in return as such. The day is as good as you make it, and bad things can certainly happen as it is the way of life, but by focusing only on shades of gray and black, you fail to see the VIBRANT  colors surrounding you.


Chapter X- 1114071717

…She is being haunted by old memories she has no recollection of. An old, intimate friend, someone she hasn’t seen or met but is well acquainted with in the dream world — and a young fiancée who is both persistent and intimidating and she wants nothing to do with. 

… —Excerpt from: A Truth of Horrors


The Beauty of the World

To see the beauty in yourself, you must understand the beauty of the world. A beauty that is hidden within layers of dirt and destruction, underneath all the weird and unique things that make others look down on you. True beauty is not beautiful at all for the shine can only be perceived by those that can see the ugliness of the world and still find it beautiful.

— ©catloverr

The Cat Brings A Gift

Today, my cat brought me a gift. 

I want to say it was a roach but it was legless, limp and with a vacant yet accusing glare.

A glare that screamed… How could you have let me die in this terrible agony?!

How indeed! But the truth remains that I was snuggled up in my blankets while the carnage was happening downstairs. 

I heard the click clack of rapidly moving feline toes but thought nothing of it. 

I’m sure the snake, lizard and cricket all feel the same way about their common enemy: The Cat : as they have all suffered such fate.

I’m partly to blame I’m sure. No scolding or shouts, but plenty of love to go around! 

If I were honest the guilt does trip me at times, some disgust in the mix but deep in my heart I know fluffy can do no wrong 🙂


Some Very Interesting Cats Perhaps You Weren’t Aware of – Review

I’m giving my honest opinion of this book, written by Doogie Horner. I have mixed feelings. I want to like it because it’s a cat people book and I was half amused but not enough.

NoodlesImaginary Friend. This was probably my favorite story from the entire book. 

“Tommy loved Noodles. They played games and went on hikes through the woods…”

I’m a huge cat lover, don’t get me wrong, but the book just fell flat on its face. Some sections were creative, certainly but not enough to forget the slight disappointment the book leaves you with. 

I’m sure this would make a great children’s book. The stories are short and the illustrations are quirky enough to amuse. You can finish this book in 30 minutes or it can be used in multiple sittings while on a bathroom break.

The language and writing style is simple enough. Actors, Monuments and such make appearances throughout – all changed to their respective feline personas, of course. 

Rating: 2.5/5

A Little Bit on Mollusks

A mollusk is not anything that has a soft body and hard shell. Other factors come into play such as the way they arrange their innards or build their shells. 

Beside the mollusk, arthropods which are invertebrates ranging from spiders, centipedes, etc. are also extremely specie diverse.

There are over 100,000 names or more in the database with more being added each day as new species are proposed and categorized. The database for mollusks is messy and given the fact that there was no actual database until recently, many identifications of the same animal might be repeated. Work is being done to purge through piles of literature but the task could take years if ever accomplished. 

— Facts compiled.


Spirals in Time: The Secret and Curious Afterlife of Seashells 

Monster Behind Portrait 

She speaks behind an old portrait, situated on a bathroom at the end of the hallway, murmuring about her death. 

Where the portrait resides, there is a rectangular door and her bare feet can sometimes be seen as she is always standing.

A war broke out along time ago and the residents of the house suffered cruelties. Their last days were spent behind portraits. 

The rectangular nook, crude and out of place served to feed them. When the invaders abandoned the abode, or perished under the curse of the terrible storm, the residents died, having no one to feed them.

The woman who suffered the most was of abnormal height, and the portrait was based at a particular inhumane location, the bathroom. 

This portrait was not like others, it had a plaque with the woman’s name engraved in it. She sounds the loudest of the four. 

The house, though beautiful at one point is cursed, and unless you make a deal with the residents, the same brutal incident repeats itself when a great storm falls.

The ghost? Monster of the woman is not easily appeased. In death, insane and blood thirsty, you may talk but do not put yourself where she can grab you. 

Her portrait hangs above an old sink, inevitable it is to see her. A frightening but pitiful monster, delirious for freedom and revenge. 

If you make the deal, she will save you  from intruders, robbers, and murderers… But then you will be at her mercy.

— Monster behind the portrait, Catloverr’s Journal of Nightmares and Monsters.


Box Dust

I cried for help but no one could hear my screams 

inside a tightly sealed box. 

My shouts reached no one and I suffocated while hoping I would be saved. 


Based on another nightmare.