Cinders burn black

When heaven is raining down

Faces are distorted and emotive, seeking each other.

Corruption. Copulation of Ether.

Mystery marks the star that will wipe red to black and fill the oceans with obsidian.

A Starry Sky

The sky was melted black and blue with large yellow stars on full bloom.

They appeared so close and easy to touch but my fingertips could not reach them.

It was a fantasy from afar that gave me purpose and true happiness. 

And after that, every night I dreamt of a blue starry sky I could never reach because it wasn’t real but I was content just the same.



I feel like my soul is darkening around the edges.

I’m consumed by black and fading to nothing. 

There is a horrid sense of completion and desolation all at once. 

Life has a choking hold on my ambitions and squeezing tight enough for desperation to pour out.


Sometimes by wanting to rebel, you only end up hurting yourself. It’s almost like you can’t even get high enough to touch the higher up’s arses so you end up bottling and filled with frustration. When you hurt the company just to hurt someone else, I’m sure it speaks of a great resentment and though one tries to remain positive and upbeat, the ugliness of all humans has to come out at some point. 


Chapter X- 1114071717

…She is being haunted by old memories she has no recollection of. An old, intimate friend, someone she hasn’t seen or met but is well acquainted with in the dream world — and a young fiancée who is both persistent and intimidating and she wants nothing to do with. 

… —Excerpt from: A Truth of Horrors


The Beauty of the World

To see the beauty in yourself, you must understand the beauty of the world. A beauty that is hidden within layers of dirt and destruction, underneath all the weird and unique things that make others look down on you. True beauty is not beautiful at all for the shine can only be perceived by those that can see the ugliness of the world and still find it beautiful.

— ©catloverr

The Cat Brings A Gift

Today, my cat brought me a gift. 

I want to say it was a roach but it was legless, limp and with a vacant yet accusing glare.

A glare that screamed… How could you have let me die in this terrible agony?!

How indeed! But the truth remains that I was snuggled up in my blankets while the carnage was happening downstairs. 

I heard the click clack of rapidly moving feline toes but thought nothing of it. 

I’m sure the snake, lizard and cricket all feel the same way about their common enemy: The Cat : as they have all suffered such fate.

I’m partly to blame I’m sure. No scolding or shouts, but plenty of love to go around! 

If I were honest the guilt does trip me at times, some disgust in the mix but deep in my heart I know fluffy can do no wrong 🙂