Bedhead Foxy Curls Review

With the summer just around the corner (or forever if Texas), I thought I should try to curl my hair as straightening it is not an option. 

I’ve had luck using bedhead products before but the damn frizz is what turns luscious curls into a mess of ringlets that stick flat to your head. 

Please note: My hair is naturally curly and fine, unmanageable with curls on the left side, and semi straight hair on the right side. Frizz everywhere and flat spots with curly random bits all over the place. 

I had previously looked into bedhead products that define curls but get rid of the nasty frizz and so I decided to give bedhead foxy curls a try as it is supposed to get rid of frizz while acting as a contouring cream to define curls? 

You apply the product after your hair is toweled dry. Simple enough, except.. I’m clumsy and couldn’t get the thing properly opened so I just went the old fashioned way and unscrewed the whole cap, applied a generous amount and started squeezing and massaging my wet hair. 

The result: Almost no frizz, and the curls were defined but it wasn’t a WOW effect. Just for the sake of trying, I combined it with the diffuser. Typically, this makes my hair curly but flat? Not this time. The WOW effect came back full force after using the diffuser for 1-2 minutes? Maybe less. Not only were the curls defined but they were voluminous and there was almost no significant frizz. Please note: I used the diffuser when my hair was now dried so any frizz seen might have been caused from that.


I know the picture doesn’t do it justice but there’s volume on either side and barely any frizz.

My score for this product: 4.5/5

If you have any feedback on how to better make use of this product, please let me know. Thanks!


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